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Today is a Great Day to Step Into a New Way of Living

The time to break free from addictive behaviours is now. A new life and a new you is there to discover. Regaining your personal power is possible.

Living addictions and substance use can affect any of us. Never before has disconnection been so prevalent. Normal coping mechanisms can move from healthy to harmful. Opportunities abound to reward and relieve ourselves, while attempting to escape from everyday life. Substances, alcohol, sex, pornography, technology, gaming, shopping, and other behaviours can become problematic and severe.

Commencing, advancing, or sustaining your recovery is no easy task, but it is within you to do, and can be life changing!

Today is the day to reimagine, rediscover, and recreate yourself, and I am here to help.

I want to make positive life changes, and I accept support.

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How Can a Recovery Coach Help Me?

Recovery coaches provide strengths-based support for those with addictive behaviours and those in recovery. We empower individuals to make life-changing decisions, set goals and create action. We offer support and guidance in an environment of trust and safety. We link individuals to supportive resources.

As your recovery coach, I will walk with you on your journey, helping you create empowering conditions for positive change.

Recovery coaching provides many benefits. I will help you:

  • Envision a new healthier life
  • Gain clarity on your future goals
  • Create a plan for your life after treatment
  • Create solutions to challenges
  • Remain accountable
  • Actualize desired life changes
  • Get results
  • Celebrate your wins
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My Pledge to You

I will meet you where you are.

You are a unique individual and your recovery will be unlike anyone else’s. Together, we will set the goals and pace that work for you. They will reflect your values, needs, attitude, and personal situation. You are the expert of your life.

I will provide judgment-free understanding to take back your life.

I’ve made no secret of my struggles. Far from a hidden shame, my past is a resource for me to call upon as I help others take back our lives. Trust will be the foundation of our relationship as we address your personal situation, uncover your motivations for recovery, and collaborate on a plan to achieve sustainable change.

I will connect you to a world of support.

Very few people achieve and sustain recovery on their own. Resources exist that can help you, but these can be difficult to navigate. Not only will I be a resource for you, but I will link you with others that can help as well. There is a community that is ready to provide assistance, and accessing it is a key factor in successful recovery.

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You will become empowered.

Ultimately your recovery will be lived by you. Intervention and other forms of treatment are powerful ways to initiate positive change, but eventually they conclude. Together, we will define a path forward, embracing actions and practices that build personal accountability. You will become confident and empowered, helping you navigate this recovery journey.

As a coach, I am not a therapist, counselor, psychologist, doctor, lawyer or sponsor. Your pathway will not be directed by myself or any specific recovery programs. You remain in charge of your recovery! Our relationship is based on looking forward and creating plans to move there. In this, I will honour your story, your struggles, your past experiences, and where you are today as a foundation to create sustainable change.

I want to build a better life and empower myself to sustain it.
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What is Recovery Capital? How Can a Recovery Capital Coach Empower Me?

Recovery capital refers to the internal and external factors that contribute to or hinder your recovery. It’s a powerful model that has helped many individuals optimize their recovery, and it’s one component of the approach used by Genesis Recovery Coaching.

While we are ultimately responsible for our own recovery, our journey will be impacted by many human, physical, social, and cultural factors. These can include everything from our self worth and self esteem, living situations, support systems, and the communities in which we reside.

Our assets are the positive factors that aid us in recovery, such as community, confidence, sustainable living resources and connection. The goal is to maximize your assets.

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Barriers are those obstacles that get in our way; shame, stigma, access to  resources, and lack of family and community support. The goal is to navigate solutions to these internal and external barriers, allowing for momentum and growth.

Personally I was fortunate to find the necessary supports early on to enhance my recovery capital. Not everyone is able to do this. Whatever your circumstances, we will chart a pathway to enhance recovery capital that is unique to you. 

By building our recovery capital, we create supportive conditions, maximizing the opportunity for success. This begins with our checklist designed to measure your recovery capital. This tool will be one of many helping you move from awareness to action.  

Addiction and destructive lifestyle behaviours can be devastating, but through empowerment, support, and dedication they can be overcome. 

I want to take control of my life. I’m ready to chart a path forward towards a better quality of life.

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Living in the trap of addiction does not have to be permanent.
A better life is yours for the building. Are you willing to start today?